What can you fit inside a 20ft Shipping Container?

The 20ft shipping container is a popular choice amongst our customers, who buy it for a wide range of uses from storage to creative conversions.

It can sometimes be hard for people to visualise just how big this container is, so we’re sharing a list provided.

What can you fit inside a 20ft shipping container?

  • 2 cars
  • 60 refrigerators
  • 4,000 shoe boxes
  • 37,976,526 paper clips
  • 168 Nascar tyres
  • 1,021 60Ib bags of cement
  • 7,344 gallons of water
  • 48,000 bananas
  • 7,816 reams of paper
  • 1,512 cases of cans of Coke
  • 486,799 eggs
  • 3,962 2x4x8 planks of wood
  • 400 flat screen TVs
  • 9,600 wine bottles
  • 200 mattresses
  • Carefully packed, the whole contents of a 3 bedroom semi-detached home

While this list is just a bit of fun, it hopefully gives you the idea of just how spacious this shipping container is! They’re ideal for conversions as well into temporary units – office, retail, homes, garden rooms etc. We sell annually over 15,000 New and Used shipping containers throughout the UK, to both private and trade. If you are interested in the 20ft container, or something larger or smaller, you can buy both single units or multiples of 100’s, at the very best competitive prices, from our controlled depots in 12 regions.

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