Shipping Containers Vs Condensation

What is Condensation?

Condensation can be an issue when owning and using a shipping container. The build-up of moisture in a unit can lead to damp or spoiled cargo. Condensation happens when two varying air temperatures meet. For a shipping container, when the inside walls are at a different temperature from the air on the outside.

How to Deal with Condensation

There are many methods to fight the build-up of moisture, some being much more effective than others. Below are some of the best options.

Air Vents

When you purchase a shipping container it should already have multiple air vents. Once-used containers often have 10 vents as a standard. Second-hand units vary in vents depending on when and who manufacturer them. Vents help reduce the difference in temperature between the inside and outside of the container. Helping reduce the amount of moisture build-up. However, vents alone are often not enough to combat this issue.

Grafo-Therm (Anti-condensation Lining)

Grafo-therm is a non-toxic, anti-condensation treatment sprayed to the ceiling. Once dried, it can soak up and absorb any moisture in the container. A thin coat of grafo is enough to hold up to a litre of moisture per square meter. The water will then evaporate once the container temperature rises. Grafo does not stop condensation, but it is the most cost-effective and successful method for protecting your storage.

Container Lining

Another option is to have the container ply-lined and insulated. The container will have a layer of insulation and then will be covered by 9mm of Hardwood Ply. Once complete, it helps the unit stay at a constant temperature, avoiding any build-up of moisture. A great option if you are working inside the container or using it as a workshop.

Other Options

There are many different options besides the ones above. Any household technique should also work on a shipping container. A simple dehumidifier can work if left inside the container. Damp Sticks can be a cheaper alternative to grafo-therm. These work in a similar way by absorbing any moisture. However, unlike grafo, these need to be replaced. Or finally, fill your container with as much as possible! Reducing air space means there is less room for moisture to build up. So store as much as you can!

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