Create a Garden Sun Lounge with a Container Conversion

Longing for a little more space at home? Container conversions are opening up exciting possibilities for low cost garden rooms which can function as studios, sun lounges, kitchens and guest rooms.

The great thing about containers is that they offer cheaper, faster installed buildings, so if you’re looking for a solution for the here and now, a container conversion could be the answer. They can generally be lifted into place with no base or foundations required, saving money and time, and the strong basic form is easy to alter for your own bespoke creation. Add windows and glass doors and the result is a lovely light and airy space which functions perfectly as an attractive, inviting garden room.

The garden sun lounge featured below was supplied by one of our partners, Universal Container Services ltd. It has lighting, heating and water as well as easy operation glazed double doors. Light and airy, but insulated for winter use, it offers an all-year-round space for entertaining, guests or work use.

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